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UT Retirees' Association

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UT Retirees'             Association

208-B Conference Center Building 
Knoxville, TN 37996-4125 
Phone: (865) 974-6506 (TDD/TTY Available) 
Fax: (865) 974-6066



The University of Tennessee Retirees' Association (UTRA) is an organization established to promote communication between the University and its retirees and their families, to assist the University in carrying out its objectives, to provide spokespersons for the retirees, to be an advocate for retirees to promote and enhance benefits, and to offer opportunities for retirees and their families to socialize with each other.



In January 1979, the UTK Faculty Fringe Benefits Committee suggested that a retirees' association be formed.  By February, the committee had prepared a resolution, which was adopted by the UTK Faculty Senate.  In March proposed bylaws were submitted to Chancellor Jack Reese for approval.  In October of 1979, Chancellor Reese hosted a luncheon for retirees and endorsed the association.  In November the first formal meeting of the association was held.

In January of 1980 the retirees approved a proposed constitution for the organization to be known as The University of Tennessee Knoxville, Retirees' Association, or UTKRA.

At the 1982 Spring meeting of the Retirees' Association, a need for a campus headquarters was expressed. Subsequently, the Administration Liaison Committee met with Chancellor Jack Reese, and he and his staff offered to provide such a space. In response to a request to the Chancellor to suggest ways UTKRA might be helpful to UTK, the creation of a so-called “auxiliary” was mentioned. The UTKRA Board accepted the offer of a space in Tyson Alumni House and proceeded to survey the members to see if sufficient interest existed to establish some sort of service group composed of retired UT employees.  Three areas were identified as possible projects: campus tours, assistance in international education, and small projects of human resources such as editing.

The UTKRA Board was asked to implement an “auxiliary.” A small committee was selected to develop an organization to coordinate efforts.  Among the first decisions of this committee was the selection of the name, “UTKRA Service Corps.” At the same time, this committee agreed to expand its own membership sufficiently to provide sub-committees on the three initial areas of service.

In October 1986, headquarters were opened in Room 112 of Tyson Alumni House.

In September 1990, the retirees approved an amendment to the constitution changing the name of the organization to the University of Tennessee Retirees' Association, or UTRA.

On February 27, 1996 the UTRA approved a revision (to omit ambiguities and to clarify sections of the document) of the bylaws and changed the title of the document to “Constitution.”

In April 2001, headquarters office moved to Room 208-B of the Conference Center Building.