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Training History: Checking HR 128 Status
The best way to check your HR 128 status is to check your IRIS training history. The transcript that you print from the EOD website lists only the classes that are advertised in Training Pages. However, your IRIS training history will list not only EOD classes, but the training that you request with the Additional Training Credit form. It is important to realize that you will not see additional training credit on the EOD website transcript.

Only the departmental specialist can retrieve your IRIS training history for you. If you are the departmental specialist, you can retrieve an employee’s training history by following these simple steps:

1. Locate the transaction in IRIS (Human Resources > Training & Event Management > Information Systems > Reports > Attendances > S_PH9_46000431 - Reports -> Attendances -> Attendee's Training History).

2. Enter the employee’s 6-digit personnel number in the “Attendee” field (make sure that the option “Person” is selected under the “Attendee data” field) and click the execute button until the training history appears.

3. You can also find detailed instructions on using this transaction by clicking on “Help” from the top-bar menu and selecting “IRIS Help” from the drop-down menu. A separate window should appear, and you should select the first list of instructions called “Attendee’s Training History.”