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Communication Certification 

Communication Certification is planned for those staff members who are interested in communication skills training. This program will consist of 32 hours of training required to reach certification. Participants can build a curriculum from the courses listed below to reach the required 32 hours of training for certification.

A celebration for the Communication Certification will be held annually in May each year.  Invitations will be sent out to those employees who have completed the required classes for the certification. Invitations will be sent through departmental mail. Certificates will be given out the day of the celebration. The certificate will be sent through departmental mail if a graduate is unable to attend the celebration.

Course List


Building a Team: Teambuilding at Its Best* 3
Building Conflict Management Skills* 3
Business Communications for Everyday 3
Communicate Like You Mean It: Developing Assertiveness* 3
Communicating with Credibility & Diplomacy 3
Communication Skills for Supervisors* 3
Creating a Respectful Workplace 3
Delegation Skills* 3
Delivering Effective Recognition 3
Effective Presentation Skills* 3
Emotional Intelligence 3
Giving & Receiving Feedback 3
How to Shine at Meetings


Introduction to Communication (Prerequisite)


Listening Skills* 3
Lunch & Learn: Overcoming Speech Anxiety 1
Making Meetings Work* 3
Managing Across Generations 3
Memo and Business Letter Writing 2
Myers-Briggs 3
Nonverbal Communication in the Workplace 3
Preventing Sexual Harassment* 3
Punctuation Basics* 3
Understanding Some of the Most Common "Hidden" Disabilities 3.5
Working with Individuals Who Have Sensory Disabilities 3
Writing Effectively* 9

Note: E-class substitutions are denoted by the "*" symbol.

For questions concerning Communication Certification, please contact Employee & Organizational Development, (865) 974-6657.